Journal 2014-12-13 Talk to yourself…


Inspired by France Papillon “Journal on Monday: week 112”

Supplies / Verwendete Materialien:

  • Moleskine Large: Sketchbook / Skizzenbuch
  • Guardi: Gesso, Gel Medium colorless / farblos, clear /glasklar
  • Golden Gel Mediums: Light Molding Paste / Leichtstrukturpaste
  • Lukas Acrylic Colour: Fluorescent Magenta / Tagesleucht Magenta
  • Aero Color Fines Arcylic Ink: Supra-White opaque / Supra-Weiß deckend, Pale Grey / Lichtgrau, Black / Schwarz
  • Mitsubishi uni-ball pencil fine: black / schwarz
  • Koh-I-Noor Aquarelle Colored Pencils / Aquarellstifte: black / schwarz
  • Balzer Designs 12×12 Stencil Tiny Circles
  • Mollelast: Conforming Bandage / Elastische Fixierbinde
  • a scrap of common paper / ein Stück herkömmliches Papier 80g/m
  • Stapler / Tacker

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